I Am All Gere Up(Richard) For Pretty Woman2 With Julia Roberts.

I loved Richard Gere’s new movie, “The Diner” tonight. As usual Richard Gere played his usual astonishing role as a congressman wanting to run for governor. I don’t want to spoil the ending of his movie, you won’t be disappointed, but like me you will start reminiscing about his classic film “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts, and start hearing Ray Orbison sing it’s theme song. It was some twenty-seven years(1990) ago that it was shown. Mr. Gere is now sixty seven years old, and his counter part Julia Roberts is one year from reaching the magic fifty. Just think what this revival might have to offer. Perhaps we can have our much older Richard finding himself in a hospital, and long and behold his beautiful “Pretty Woman” is now his Pretty Nurse. Just being entered in the hospital for the start of his Cancer treatments, his assigned nurse, Ms Roberts, widowed(husband died of cancer), for some fifteen years, and has two beautiful children, ages eighteen, and twenty-three, cannot believe she has been re-united with Edward Lewis, then a very wealthy business man. Going from a Hollywood hooker, a nurse would make a good movie, now more than ever, we might find out how the original “Pretty Woman” ended, and now see who rescues who in my make believe version of “Pretty Woman2”.