Happy Mothers Day, Your Third Year.

It’s hard to believe that it is been three years since we have had our daily morning telephone conversations. Teresita has been working so hard, and I wish I produced some added income in the five years that I was fired on New Years Eve, 2011, Calumet Photographic finally closed their doors almost when you passed away anyway, I thought I could score on so many of my projects, I tried to help my friend Bob, to promote his photographers portfolio web site, and maybe even help him sell it, I couldn’t, I tried to help one of of photo retail customer promote his thirty-five camera, that uses a six foot film negative, the final prints were going to be some two stories high, I couldn’t, I spent a whole week, making phone calls so one of my former co-workers God son, advance on American Idol, I couldn’t, at least he finished ninth, I even tried to promote a blind girl with her singing career, I couldn’t, I tried to help someone with both his baseball career and sing country western chances, I couldn’t, I made contact with a man who is like my older brother, who had the unlucky decision, of giving up his ten-percent ownership of the original Apple Computer Company(Ronald G. Wayne), we are trying to promote our Apple Computer Museum concept, we even own two great domain names, apple founders.com and apple.org, I accumulated Steve Job’s junior and señior high school year books, and four of Steve Wozniak’s high school year books, and other interesting items, no one seems to be interested, I am trying to help to  promote one of my Harper High school buddies promote his Pet Wellness Centers, it’s been hard, one of my old Standard Photo’s photographer friends, Richard Hertzberg, was Sudsy on the TV show, My Three Sons, he passed away some six years ago, I made contact with Stanley Livingston who was one of the main actor’s on My Three Sons, he played Chip, and his brother Barry played Ernie, I am trying to promote both his movie and tv pilots, it’s shame that we are not seeing a revision of the old TV shows now, perhaps a modern tv show, “My Four Daughters”, I really think he is going to bring both motion pictures & tv to a new levewww.firstteamproductions.com. wish me luck, I been going to many of the McDonalds shareholder meetings, and I am the one who pointed out that we need an all day breakfast, at last one of my ideas was an international success, but no paycheck, but at Ieast I tried and my stock in McDonalds have gone up, I even made a connection with someone who has the wold’s largest McDonald’s collection, I hopefully will be at this month’s McDonalds share holders meeting and planning to express some more of my ideas. I don’ know if you have been reading www.howiemaui.com blog, but we have a new president of the United States, Donald Trump, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be to offer many Americans, especially Teresita(my wife) affordable health care, I know that this is not the the day, since it being Mother’s Day, to keep hashing why you let someone sell you a $200,000.00 lifetime annuity(it ended at death), didn’t you think that when you died, that perhaps it could of helped Teresita and I with our future retirement, did you forget that I was born with Cerebral Palsy, because of you parting and someone slapped you on the back at a party, and you had to give birth to me some six weeks before I would of been born normal, and why did you leave some $10,000.00 to one of your nurse friends, $10,000, didn’t you know that both her and her husband make probably a quarter of a million dollars a year? I should stop now, and be glad that we had close to sixty five years together, sorry I am being so bitter, it’s just I wish I could of done better financially, at seventy years old, it’s been so frustrated being hard of hearing and being in so much pain over the years from many of my hip surgeries, but I am grateful to have such a lifetime partner as Teresita, and thankful that you brought home my first 35mm film camera that was responsible for discovering my love of photography, but like you I find it very hard to stop wanting to make a difference in this world.

You had a very nice memorial, but their were some letdowns, no one from your beloved Saks Fifth Avenue was there, I called one of your closest Saks buddy and she didn’t think it was a big deal, many of your close friends, a family I will not name did not show up, members of Teresita’s family was there, and I gave one of my Howie speeches, afterwards we went to your apartment at the Breakers, and let the guests take home many of your possessions, Judge Ann Burke and her son were there, as well as Doctor Klein, I don’t want to mention everyone, but I hope you and Mort(step father) were watching.

My health is so, so, taking many pills, but it’s Teresita’s health I am worried about, she wants to live in the Philippines, and I hope we can have the best of the United States and the Philippines. Well anyway, I just want to see how are you doing, and I hope you are able to have human or spiritual contact with so many of our past relatives and friends. Hopefully next year I will be writing about on both Teresita’s and myself’s retirement, keeping my fingers crossed, a home in Florida and in the Philippines, it’s getting late, I love you, and forgive me for rambling on what it is suppose to be your day.