What Do You Have To Hide President Trump?

President Trump, why did you want to be president in the first place? You say that you want to make America greater again?  I think you better define the word greater again, there are other words that have made us a great country, integrity, caring, loving, understanding protecting, listening, advancing, invigorating, justifiable, advancing, and most of all, we are defining, what do I mean defining, we as a country, know what are role as member of the world with our other welcoming nations. It’s not a competition as you make us believe it to be. Sure we are powerful, and if we wanted to be the most forceful country on the planet, we probably could do it. Lets not just be The United States of America, but The Universal State of The World. There are no longer any more individual countries, we own them all, and English is now the Universal spoken language, and the USD dollar is the universal currency now backed by all the gold we took from the rest of the world, especially from China, and Russia. Thank God this will never happen, but in the back of your mind President Trump I think you would like it to happen. If we did not have the atomic bomb, and Germany did, we would all be speaking German with a Japanese accent.

President Trump, you can’t keep firing those people under you, just because they are doing their jobs, they and we want and demand the truth. What were the confidential emails that were on the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s email server?, what was Russia’s involvements in the 2016 presidential election, and you and your cabinet connection’s with both Russia and China? People like Michael Flynn have a lot of answers we need to hear? In plain and simple English, if you have nothing to hide, then rise up to the occasion, and let your first appointed people, then Attorney General and former director of The FBI do their job! The TRUTH can only make you and the United States of America stronger.

Many of us are trying to figure you out as our President and not as our DICTATOR?