President Trump, Our New Hoover Vacuum Cleaner.

If we could only bring back former F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover, and ask him to defend  our recent fired Director, James Comey.  Hoover, the bureau’s first director was somewhat like we see in President Trump, he investigated on anyone who he saw as an eventual threat to the United States. I am not going into on what tactics he used or what information he sort after, the bottom line was he was one tough “Bastard” who so many politicians and Presidents were scared of. He just knew too much about them, and very few people including our past presidents were going to challenge him. He went first after 1000’s of Germans living in the United States after World War I, Mobster like John Dillinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, unlike President Trump he led efforts with the British to eavesdrop on the Soviets, the point I want to make, James Comey should not have to be the F.B.I. Vacuum Cleaner, he needs to resurface as the bureau’s modern day J. Edgar Hoover, and Congress and the people of the United States need to know what were his actual findings of the Russian’s tampering with the past presidential elections,  the findings of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s classified emails, and all the other illegal involvements that President Trump was involved in.

We cannot allow to have our president of the United States to act like a dictator, and keep firing members of his administration because they might become a threat to him. This is not the America I thought I lived in. Unless we all step up to the plate and redefine what the founding fathers imprinted what our rights and freedoms  are defined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we will find our selves looking at a president, who quite resembles a modern day Adolph Hitler.

It’s not too late, if we start acting as the true Americans that we are, we can have the affordable health care that we need, honest and caring politicians, and most of all the true understanding that hatred does not belong in our government.