Is Jesus Mad At Us?

I know that I cannot blame all the bad shit that happens in this world on God, but as I at the final years of my is their so much bad shit I find myself asking why is their so much bad shit that has happened, especially right after the presidentila election of Donald Trump.Never has their a time in my seven decade life has I found myself not only questioning my highly elected officials, but also why have their been so many calamities, as the likes of our pst devastaing hurricanes named Harvey, Maria, and Irma, and what about the recent fires in Santa Rosa California? I also had so many of my Puerto Rican co-workers who were looking forward in spending their remining years with their families in Puerto-Rico. It seems that there is not any one place on our planet that iti really safe. I never thought I would make it part of my daily ritual of checking both my #Facebook and #Twitter page, but I have to see how the only friends I have left, and see if our President of the United States,  #Donald Trump going to either get us in a nuclear war, and trying very hard to squeeze the last dollar I have out of me.

Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, The Dali Lama, Bishop TuTu, and all of the tens of thousands saints, plea se help us, and save our planet and universe. I love my country, will ALWAYS stand up when the Nation Anthem is played at a sports venue, and would love to go back to my many yesterdays of being just me, watching a little television and take some photographs, and of course be grateful that Ihave so much to live for, AMEN!

Sorry Jesus, I know you are not mad at us, but just a little disappointed to say the least.