Do I Have The Right To Be Political?

I know I have been slacking off, it’s because I have been trying to please so many, that I have forgot my blog is not about pleasing people, and I will go to the extent, at times it does not even please me at times. It seems that I find myself spending hours and hours on Facebook and forget that this is not how life should be. There is a real world away from my Macc laptop, once it’s close I feel lost to what to do. Being seventy-one of age, and an only child, I feel that all the time I spend in front of my computer is really a cop-out of not wanting to face reality. Pretty sad I must say, getting old, trying not to think about death, and worse of all, trying to relive the past, like could of done anything better, probably not.

Last week I got a very much need wake-up call, in fact two of them, a friend of mine, a lifetime smoker, was advised to get a chest x-ray, and not surprising a nodule was found on his left lung, we don’t know if it’s cancer, more tests have to be performed, for now I can only pray, the other alarming news I received was that the sister of my high school’s best friend was struck by a truck, as she was walking to the bank to drop of her company’s reciepts, a ritual that she has been doing for years, died. Tears and tears and a painful heart told me right then, to stop everything I was doing. Just shut up, no thinking, a minute later I finally realized don’t question why life happens the way it does. I need to give myself a game plan for both me and my wife, no one else matters, Teresita, the only person who has helped me when I was sick and in pain, needs to retire, and we can spend every day to enjoy our lives together. It means keeping what we really need, and calculate if we have enough money to at least live the next twelve years, with no financial problems. With the stock market starting rumble, it’s a good time to go back to the way my grand parents use to make money, just leave it in the bank, and if they were lucky, they would ger a free toaster. Sounds secured, and sure is better than to lose tens of thousands of dollars and end up being toast.

Oh yeah, I never answered what I started to ask myself, do I have the right to be political, yes and no, is it going to offend a lot of people, is it going to aggrevate me, will it make an ass hole, will I regret what I say, are people laughing at me, will my wife feel embarrassed, am Ireally going to make a difference, and mostly of all, am I just waisting my time? I can’t really say yes or no, I will just have to take it one day at a time.