Thank You Bernie For Speaking Up For All Of The High School Students.

I was very impressed seeing high school students in Washington D.C. protesting the gun violence in this country today. Most of them probably would be embarrassed if they took a grand parent with them to protest, today every high school had just that grand parent at their rally, Grand Pa Bernie Sanders. With a twinkle in my eye, I could  not be more prouder of some one close to my age, sticking up to the NRA, and the gun manufacturers, that our future generations should not be scared to go to gigh school, or maybe one of their wacco teachers who are allowed to carry a gun just blow their top, or the top of one of their students.

Both students and all Americans, need to help one another with each other’s problems, the elderly need affordable health care, and students need not only a good education, but the security that they or fellow student might be killed by one of their fellow students. We have a president who is more concerned about building a wall and start a trade war arround the world by imposing high tarrifs than concentrating on the basic problems of his fellow Americans, stricker gun laws, affordable health care, free college education, and a securred stock market. It seems that every day, president Trump loves turmoil, who am I am going to fire now, what goverment leader can I piss off, and maybe he can trash the stock market so many of his rich buddies can buy back their companies for ten cent on the dollar. It’s like the crash of 2007, one casino did go down to $2.50 a share, and it was amazing that it’s selling for in the $60.00 a share. This is going to happen again, the doom of America is right around the corner.

I think instead of worrying about building a wall, I wish we could put our money that clone many of our trusted elected officials.

How many Senator Bernie Sanders do you think we shoild clone?