If The Stock Market Tanks, So Will The Chances Of The Republicans Winning In 2018!

One of the things that President Trump tweeted about, was how the stock market kas sky rocketed. But in the last month the Dow Jones has erradicated over three thousand points, almost to the level of a whole year of gains, like many I have been a nervous wereck, and would ket mysel in my ass if I could. The truth of the matter, I screwed up like millions of Americans, thinking that the bubble was never going to pop, and boy is it popping, the bottom line is that this the financial dagger that we thought will never happen, it certainly looks like a fifty per cent correction, but this time no correction in site. For me the poor houuse is right around the corner, with my wife ready to say, “I told you so! At seventy on e yearts old, I certainly should of known better, but that is what I keep saying, my broker keeps saying to hang in there, but what I tghink he is saying, get ready to hang yourself, you my friend are your own Bernie Madoff.

I think President Trump is getting plenty of heat from his fellow Republicans about his imposing higher tariffs for China, fifty billion dollars is a spit in the bucket, compare to the ten trillion dollars eradication of the value of the Dow Jones Thirty compoents, mean while the Democrats must be chopping their teeth ready to take over the house and senate, a pretty glim future for the United States, the Democrats will just spend and spend, and stick it to the big corporations, higher taxes, less spending on defense, and a lot more spending on social reform, the one issue they will have to address will definately be affordable health care, something that cannot happen, it will break our economy, and there will be less take home pay for most Americans, add this to the four additional tax increases, and a reduction of interest payments, the Great Depression of 2018 will approach us sooner than we think.

I beg all of our elected officials, start having President Trump make his prime priority is to stabilize our economy, if we he doesn’t he will not need a stronger military, our worse ennemy will be our fallen economy, and the eventual downfall of the economies of the whole world, like in Argentina, we will have to barter with eggs, and what one of the three founders of the Apple Computer Company, Ronald G. Wayne, is to start buying precious metals, mostly silver, and if you can afford gold, then do it, what  he has emphasized that what we mostly have to be concern about is “Buying Power”.

Owning real estate will not make any sense if you can’t pay your mortgage and taxes, once the damaging spiral takes place, the government will have no choice but to eliminate the likes of Social Security and Medicare. For me I would suggest to liquidate everything you have, and get a manufactured home and home my rent lot payments don’t spiral to $2,000.0o a month, I know I am getting paranoid, but this is certainly “The Calm before the Storm” and the end of the Republican Party, sorry Abe, the Party is over, unless you can shake some sense into your President Donald Trump.