Let’s Pay For Trump’s Dam Wall!

This has been one of the worst week for me on my investments, $20.000 to say the least, and how did it happen, it was not because I had crappy stocks  in my portfolio, most of them were in the Dow Jones, IBM, Walmart, Pffizer, Disney, JPMorgan Chase, Intel, and Cisco, it was because of one man’s not thinking, you guessed our president who has no buisness belonging in the White House, decided that we need to punnish our trading partners like China that we need to impose a TARIFF, well President Trump you “fucked” millions of people around the world bu causing their as well as our probably trillions of dollors, compare this to the 50 billion dollars you expect China to cough up, you did so much collateral damage, and who knows what will it might spiraled to next week, or even worse a fifty percent decline in the whole world’s ecomy, and top of that your new fed chief informs us that will be some four rate increases, in essence you screwed our whole global economy. So I am asking you and with the help of hundred of millions of people around the world to rescing your tariff demand, I for one will pitch in a couple of hundreds of dollars to help you build your WALL around Mexico, I wouldn’t surprise me if Mexico is starting plans to build their own wall this is serious that I think all your fellow republicansmight want to contribute ten percent of their salary to start the construction of your wall.

So I beg of you President Trumpnto change your mind about starting an international trade war, I have have been invested in the stock market for over thirty five years, and hopefully I will finally have to admit that I have to throw in the towel. Hmmh a towel from my local dollar store, of course made in China.

Please send me a bill.