Stop Playing Musical Chairs In The White House!

I think President Trump thinks he is still officiating his Apprentice TV  show ih the White House, and can’t wait to fire one of his cabinet members. Every time he does it, bad vibrations are sent around the world, and of course it sends a badd message to Wall Street, thus calling the market to go lower and lower. Can’t he just focus on just making his fellow Americans happy and instead of being Great? So many of us Seniors are struggling to make ends meek, and it seems that every day my investments are tanking. He should stop it with his Mexican Wall, and dampening our relations like countries, China about imposing a 25% tariff, I like going to the dollar store, and now with his economics, my dollar store, is changing it’s name to the $3.00 store, What the president does not realize, when countries see how easy to live without American products and services they will step up to plate, and decide that it’s best to use their own products, services, and universities.

So President Trump, can’t you just get focus n the issues that Americans need, or perhaps you might have to fire a thousand members that were once in your cabinet, to discover that the one person who eventualy have to fire is yourself.