I Am So Proud Of You Striking High School Students

Today this seventy one year old Facebooker, Me, was on Facebook Live, and watching our dedicating high school students protesting against the gun violence that has happened. Being shackled by the local police, I watched as a proud grand father I wish I could be. I applaud them, but I wrote, that I have a better solution. Don’t risk going to jail, don’t interupt your scchedules, let your teachers teach, and get ready to let your actions tumble the NRA, and Donald Trump begging for your forgiveness, no more sales of assault rifles, stricter laws,  the proper assistance for those who need mental help. Sounds like a plan, but you probably thinking, how are we going to let our voices heard without protesting?

The one thing I noticed when I was younger some fifty years ago, especially at my favorite mall, yes they had the mall, that I loved to buy things, eat  at the many take outs, and of course, finish my day at the movies. Being a teenager was great, but paying for it was not so easy, it meant many extra chores, so what does this have to do with us stopping Gun Violence? Well here goes with my modern day on how to protest, and get the real attention that tis problem needs.I challenge all Americans to send an economic message to our rich corporations, that we come first, and you better give in what we need, affordable health care, education, and put and end to the killings of our childre, so for six week ends, we are going to try very hard to not spend any money, no visting at the Malls, no going out to eat, no going to church, no driving our cars, not even visiting Mom and Dad, Rember the days after 9-11, not even an airplane in the sky, the more money we don’t spend the bigger the pain our economy will have to endure. I know this could cripple my IRA account, but in the long run, we will be sending a message to President Trump, if you want America to be great again, you have to start by making us happy to be an American.

Good luck to our future great leaders, and after six weeks when our government concedes to our needs, we will all celebrate at our local malls.

P.S., sorry Amazon, but for twelve days, you are just going to understand that things have to change, and it this would be a good time to plan a well desrved vacation.