Health Care Coverage In This Country Just Suffered A Major Setback.

Never had I been so disappointed in our great United States, as I am after hearing President Trump’s solution to Obamacare. I was very much expecting  a lot more financial help from President Trump, then saying that there will be more tax savings, more emphasis on health care saving accounts, being able to cross state lines to purchase health care policies, and lower drug costs. For many of the tens of millions Americans, this will mean “Quat”. It’s about the United States help paying the huge bill of getting affordable care.

I am glad that the president realize that we need to insure all Americans with pre-existing conditions, but what he failed to see that most of us are barely getting by. You want to spend $Billions on a wall around our borders, and increase our military budget, but it does not matter that we will live in your Great America  that is populated with very sick people. You should of made health care your number one concern.

Maybe I was expecting so much from you. I am sure that there will be tens of millions of people who will find that shopping for competitive priced health care will come with a hitch, it will not be as good when they had Obamacare. Why didn’t you want to impose higher taxes across the board so we can help subsidized your now placed health care plan? How about the government step up to the plate, and help eliminate the over inflation of pricing the hospitals, and insurance companies? Why do do many countries around the world can offer so much affordable health care?  Can we not learn how they can do it?

So I will just have to buy more lotto tickets so I can afford health insurance for my wife incidentally, was  stricken with polio, and is just two and a half years away to be able to get Medicare. I guess I was expecting too much from you Billionaire Trump.

I will just have to tell my wife tomorrow that her husband who was born with cerebral palsy never made enough money to be able to afford the $15,000.00 a year for both of us health insurance.

Forgive for saying, that my Great United  States tonight has failed me, and you President Trump will never understand.