What Is President Trump Going To Say To A Mother Who Lost Her Child Because She Couldn’t Afford Health Care?

It was not surprising to day that the Congress could not pas their new replacement for Obama Care, already it has been reported that 24 million Americans will lose their ability to afford health care for their families. The hard reality has finally settled in the mind set of us today. President Obama wanted affordable health care for the majority,  and would not exclude those with pre-existing conditions. I t had flaws, and it could not suit everyone’s need, but it was a good start, and yet it could not remained affordable as it was entitled to be, but still it was better than what the proposed Trump care had to offer, insurance company competition and tax credits, no actual costs what hard working families will actually be paying.

The now dilemma we face now should be blamed on both the Democrats and Republicans. The faith of life is in our politicians hands, they need to set priorities and make affordable health care a reality, what is the to cost for socialized medicine in the United States? I am not talking about socialism, but our right of helping the everyone, no matter how rich they are, the right to get proper medicare. My doctor has made it clear to me, that they rather have healthy patients come to him, than have those who waited to long, and now are sick.

We as a nation, spend so much money on our sports teams, going to beauty salons, lattes, expensive clothes, fancy cars, and there are those who would spend close to $100,000,000.00 on an abstract painting a colored square and wiggly black lines. The truth of the matter is, everyone has to contribute their fair share of taxes to make socialized medicine a  reality.

I think President Trump needs too stop thinking about sending a man to Mars, and building walls. Maybe he could start thinking about training Americans to help with his country’s new socialized health care plan.

So I think our congress, both Democrats and Republicans better buying an extra box or two of tissue, so when the millions of parents are crying their  eyes, hearts, and anger out, that at least they can hand out a tissue, and say they are sorry.

President Trump you told your fellow Republicans, if they better have a salutation for health care in this country, I think the American people will rather start your impeachment trial, and maybe we can ask the former Governor of California to deliver a message to you.

———————————“You Are Fired!”——————————–