Maybe President Trump’s Health Care Plan Might Be Cheaper?

Right now tens’s of millions of Americans are scrambling for answers on how are they going to afford their new health care plans that President Trump hope’s will be a successful replacement for our now very costly, but it was better than nothing, Obama Care. The new health care plan will many Americans to purchase health insurance in other states at supposedly lower prices, like the insurance companies really want our business. I don’t think that there will be that much of a difference, unless certain states will allow corporations pool outside insurers with their existing insurers, could work and I hope it does, for the time being Medicare for all of us it certainly  out of the question, at least with our newly elected president, Donald Trump.

So, what could be a possible solution? How about States offering a considerable health care credit for those wanting to make their permanence resident in their state. It will mean not just working  in  one’s new state, and have a p.o. box as an address, it will mean that you must have a valid driver’s license, and either are a bonafied renter, or a new home owner. In my state, Illinois, were don’t even have a state budget, second highest property tax in the country, and one of the states’s highest sales tax, has almost 40,000 people leaving to reside in other states that are not only cheaper, but has nicer weather conditions.

So here I am trying to find cheaper health insurance for my wife, who won’t be eligible for medicare for two and half years. I am thinking about retiring in Florida, and I be very few people are moving out, but what about Indiana, Vice-President Pense, would your former home state pick up fifty per cent of my wife’s new health care plan, if we sell our house in Illinois, and make our residence in Indiana? Kooks like a no brainer, real estate values will go up, more tax revenue, more jobs created, more doctors and hospitals will be needed, and of course more health care policies will be sold.

The only problem I would have, should I start rooting for the he Hoosiers of The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame?