Why Can’t Social Media Clean Up Their Shit?

I am not going into specific names or site, and even what social I am pissed at, but tonight I am pissed at someone on social media, who claimed that his great-grand father hearing was restored with a sacred Navajo Indian recipe, and within three to four weeks, his hearing came back, the whole crap story began with his wife loosing her hearing, from an automobile accident, and well, her hearing was restored by eating food made up by the secret recipe, I am not going to mention the cost or name of the book, but feel like an ass hole for wasting my time thinking that by changing my diet that my hearing could be restored. I should of realized that if this Navajo recipe worked, that the Navajo Nation would be bottling this secret formula, and pocketing their shares of the profits, snake oil by the millions.

At the age of seventy, I should have known better, I should be happy I did not lose any money, but I just wish that all of the many social media sites, should start policing what is being sold on their sites, and make these “quick-buck” salesmen put a non-refundable deposit, or even an insurance policy to cover their potential fines, when they are defrauding the American public!

It is only the past two years, since the advent of our new President, Donald Trump that I have heard the term, “Fake News”, I always had an inbred trust of our news media, and now I feel that most of our Media, are only in for the money. It’s too bad, I been getting use to my new daily routine, of having so many new social media friends, the news of the world at my finger tips, and most of all, millions of new, famous, and not famous neighbors living in my laptop.

I see now what I have become, a seventy year old man looking at a world that only appealing to my sense of hearing and seeing, it has gotten me away from my real existence, fresh air, my house, my cat and my beautiful world, the me that existed before there were any cell phones, and computers, I read from a newspaper, look for directions on a paper map, and talked to real people with something called a telephone, I had to go to the library to look up things, went to actual doctors to get medical advice, took photographs with cameras that used something called film, and most of all, never thought that I could stop using my hearing aids.

I just needed a little bit of time to cool down and reflect that progress is no longer my middle name.