Will President Trump Turn The Dow Jones 30 Into The New Dow 15?

The day after President Trump’s first speech to the joint session of congress, when Dow Jones 30 responded in a freight train locomotive. The Dow Jones average reached an all time high of 21,115.55 after going up some 303.37 points for the day, amazing but like all bull markets it won’t be long that we that we wished we took our profits. How ever, I see with all of this corporate increase worth, there is something that President Trump probably hasn’t thought of. Let companies lisle Apple bring into the United States, and not be subjected to any taxes if they invest in other companies. The Disney Corporation with a market of of $169B Billion dollars could be a great acquisition for Apple, they are both in the entertainment industry, and they certainly could complement each other.

So going into specifics lets see how we can reduce the Dow 30 into the new Donald Trump 15.

A)  Apple acquires Disney.

B) MMM merges with Home Depot

C) American Express merges with Goldman Sachs

D) General  Electric merges with Boeing

E) Chevron merges with Xon-Mobil

F) Cisco merges with Microsoft

G) Proctor&Gamble merges with Coca-Cola

H) Ei Dupont de Nemours & C0 with Johnson&Johnson

I) McDonalds merges with Nike

J) Merk merges with  Pfizer

L) United Technologies merges with Verizon

M) JPMorgan Chase merges with The Travelers Companies

N) IBM with Intel

O) United Health with Wal-Mart

I think Charlie Dow is probably screaming at me right now, but as the Dow Jones will eventually hit 100,000 I hope someone will be able to shorten my New Donald Trump Dow 15 into the Dow 5.

One thing is for sure that is possible that our country could be owning all of our corporations, and yes The United States of America becomes the Dow Jones for all of us. Let’s hope that this will never happen.