I AM So Sick of Hearing About Who Has Talked TO Russian Ambassador, Sergev Kislyak.

I hope this posting does not get me shot, but isn’t there anyone else questioning why do we have so many foreign ambassadors in this country, I think there is about 177 of them. If our newly appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions talked to the Russian Ambassador, I think he knows what is the proper protocol to what to say and of course what is not right to communicate about. Sure he perhaps lied about this to congress, buy has anyone ever thought that there could of been something that could jeopardize the life of Sergev Kislyak. Who knows what his boss, Vladimir Putin, has inspired, not only for the United States, but for the rest of the world.

Why do we all of these foreign officials in our country, setting up embassies, and we cannot have a civilized conversation, even a better thing to think about, why do we need The United Nations? Do you think we can save money, if we cut out all the political bull shit in this country and try to save some money. How much does it cost for us to have our American ambassadors, we have to pay and feed them too. Can’t we do much of this online? Perhaps we can have a yearly, international get together like the Olympics. It can be one big party. Make it a national holiday.

I wish we can just concentrate on running our soon to be GREAT UNITED STATES again. May all of our elected official should be required to wear listening devices, including President Trump and all of his family. Lets change our “Freedom of Speech” to our new FREEDUMB of SPEECH, God forbid if someone gets caught to the Russian Ambassador.