Can You Stop Sending Me Spam On My Blog?

Plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse stop sending me SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAMMMM on my blog? I am a seventy year man who was born with Cerebral Palsy, and want to share my final insights of living with so much pain and disappointments, my parents divorced when I was a teenager, I was called a dirty jew(KIKE) when I attended school in Chicago, and when I couldn’t deal with it anymore I transferred to a Jewish Parochial school to hear another hurtful adjective for me, I was now the SPASTIC, especially from a Cantor’s son. Never made much money, just made sure that I had good health care to pay for my many hip surgeries. I have had many successes, marred a beautiful woman who was inflicted with Polio ate the age of six, have a nice house, a condo in Chicago that I rent out, been to the Philippines her times, Hawaii three times and Florida and Vegas numerous times. When I lost my job in photo retail on new year eve, 2011, I felt I wanted to end it all, fortunately I had a very understanding wife, when my mother passed away in 2014, it was heart breaking that her $200,000,.00 savings was in a lifetime annuity, so when she died, this inheritance, that could of been the difference of my wife abling to retire went down  the tubes, it was also heartening that she left $10,000.00 to  a nurse’s son who works at the hospital where she worked, and most of her jewelry. No matter what we are struggling, to pay our bills, but I feel I can make a difference in this world, so end of my day I think about things that I wish I could change, with the thanks of Senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, I have no problems to find topics for my blog, but it makes sick to see all the ass holes who waster their time, and of course my time about the bogus crap they ask me, I don’t want to hear about their sex products and medications, or their offers to make my blog more interesting, I don’t need gym shoes, or women to say how nice I am.