I Am Sick of Hearing About The Athletes and Movie Stars That Are Broke.

I am not here to give anyone a tongue lashing about their finances, especially at seventy years that I couldn’t save a million dollars in the  bank. Sure, I have a house, a couple of cars, one is please there other one is paid for, but I don’t know what is worse, me not having a million dollars in the bank, or being some basket ball player who blew his eight million dollars salary, or a movie star that can’t budget himself on less than two million dollars a month? Right now I am worrying about health care not only for me and my wife, but also for the tens of millions of Americans who are going to find themselves very soon without coverage. It is pathetic that in our country that we have such wealth gaps with leaping salaries, going to CEO’s, movie stars, and athletes instead of going to doctors, scientists, and teachers who are the real ones who are trying to make “America Great Again”.

Sure I wish I was filthy rich, and have no excuses why I am not, the truth of the matter is that because of my cerebral palsy, I had to work for less than $16.00 an hour to be able to have good heath insurance for my wife and myself, four hip surgeries, and a lot of of rehab. I have no regret, but what I do mind that when a person is given the opportunity to make over a million of dollars a year and they blow it, spend more than  they make, I have no forgiveness or sympathy, I wish their were tax laws that would require that would require the wealthy to put even a thousand dollars a week in a savings account, that they cannot touch in ten to twenty years, hell who could use $52,000 in savings a year?

Great actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes are our country’s icons, but you would think the government would start worrying about the likes, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackso, Robin Williams, Marylyn Monroe, and thousands more.

Maybe this is the price one does have to pay for success, a millionaire today, and a pauper later.