I Guess Clean Air Is Not On President Trump’s Agenda.

Today President Trump is playing with the lives of millions of Americans by repealing the Clean Air Act that was so important for the Obama presidency to restore. Being born premature and with weak lungs, I am very susceptible to air pollution, especially cigarettes and the likes of coal and gas fumes. What is more important, more coal miners, so they can die earlier, or the American public, who will eventually have to face the effects of cancer and lung infections. Why don’t President Trump and his fellow Americans be honest with us, the more Americans that die early, the less benefits that have to be paid out. e need to save as much money that we can, President Trump needs the extra one hundred million dollars to pay for his security when he goes to his Trump Tower in New York, or to his Florida residence to play golf.

I am for one who would like to enjoy at least another decade of life, with out having to be attached to an iron lung, or even better yet having to go to hospice for the last three months of my life, and watching my body deteriorate. All Americans de serve to live the best healthier life that they can, but with our president, he could care less.

Let the coughing begin, maybe we can have a photo contest with the best photograph that emphasizes the best blood and pus details of what has been coughed out by us. Sure President Trump is concerned about more jobs, and with our New polluted environment, he will create more jobs for making portable oxygen tanks, ambulance drivers, and of course crematoriums, grave diggers, priests , rabbis, more bibles, more churches, funeral homes, black suits, caskets, building of more churches and synagogues, and more kleenex factories.

I guess this makes sense, the more early deaths we have in or “Greater America”, the more jobs will be created. I guess I owe President an apology, I guess he does have a point about keeping America strong and prosperous, as long as they are wearing their gas masks(something I for got to add to the job list.).