Under Trump Care, Means Looking For An Undertaker Sooner.

So with the Congressional Budget saying that some 14 million Americans will lose their health insurance by 2018, and it could escalate to 52 million by the year 2026, it looks like President Trump has his fellow Republicans their answer about repealing Obama Care, lets have more Americans off the insurance roll and start dying  earlier, less benefits to be paid like social security, medicaid, medicare, pensions, and of course collect a lot more death taxes. The “dead beats”, the poor, uneducated, undocumented have nothing to contribute to our country anyway, besides the only jobs these can get are selling drugs, and learn to be terrorists. However there is one event that could possibly cripple all America, and eventually shut down the United States, that is without receiving the proper health care in time, there will be tens of millions of “Sick Americans” that will inflict the whole country, bingo, the deaths of million of Americans, it is what the rich politicians want, less garbage Americans, but how are we going to survive if every one is now sick.

It will be one gigantic epidemic, there will not be enough doctors, hospitals, and medications to help half of our now sick population. Where are we going to dispose of all the the dead bodies, yet alone their contaminated clothes, our airways will be spreading germs to everyone. There will not be enough healthy people to keep the country going. The stock market will loose a whopping 95% loss in value, it’s been a long time since Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are only millionaires. We won’t even have enough law enforcement, yet alone our military to protect us. It only takes 50 million sick Americans to start our eventual downfall, by then with some 400 million Americans spending a surprising half on their income on health care, and one out of eight Americans without medicare, will then be infected with perhaps incurable virus, it could mean the death of some 150 million years in just two year in 2028, and by 2030 the number could rise to a disturbing 300 million deaths, the remaining 100 million people left will not have the resources like clean air, and medical care to survive. This is just the United States, world wide, it has the potential of wiping out half of the earth’s human population.

I know I am exaggerating, beyond my imagination, but if their is a slight possibility that it does happen, we can trace it to the year 2017, when President Trump and his fellow Americans decided to repeal Obama Care. Thanks President Trump, I will start checking if their are any cheap burial plots in my neighborhood.