Pre Existing Condition, And The New Trump Care Coverage.

I just went on the AClU’s Twitter page, and see that their are many postings of many worried Americans that President Trump’s new replacement for Obama Care will not coverer their pre-existing conditions and they should be, Obama Care gave tens of million of Americans the access to have medical coverage, and now its over, by electing President Trump and many of his fellow Republicans, you just signed your own death certificate. Sure you might find cheaper health insurance, but you will get no bargains, insurance companies got us line, sinker and bait, staying healthy in the United States could cost hard working families, at least $25,000.00 a year on top of what they are paying their employers. In the year 2020, big corporations will not be required to provide their employees health insurance.

You didn’t listen to Bernie Sanders about the necessity of having better health care insurance, and Hillary Clinton didn’t realize that she had to much excess baggage to beat Donald Trump. It’s to late now. Unless us Americans rallies TOGETHER and demand to be treated as first class citizens, then stand to lose their homes, and life savings due to not having proper medical insurance.

We have to stick together, and maybe a national wok stoppage, or a non-buying day will get our politicians attention. Would you risk a week’s pay for a lifetime of affordable heath insurance that will cover what Obama Care did? Unless something is done soon, a financial melt down will be be right around the corner.

The sad thing about what is happening, is that President Trump could go down as one of the greatest presidents that we ver had. Medicare for all-Americans, put America first, America can only be great again, if we can be healthy and don’t have to worry about unexpected medical bill, the same with our medications.

If everyone including our Corporations pay their share of taxes, we can only then say God Bless America, God Bless President Donald Trump.