We Have To Let The Republicans Know That They Better Start Packing.

Today the Feds just announced another .25% rate increase that will put more financial pressures on people like myself who had to borrow from the equity of their home so they sustain  a decent quality of life in their remain years, however there are younger, perhaps just married Americans who are planning to purchase their first home, and find themselves squeezed out of the housing market because  of the recent increases in interest rates. With much of the emphasis this week on the the repealing of Obama Care, and substituting with a more costlier TrumpCare health plan, the general public are not paying attention of what could be the beginning of another housing collapse. Just like what happened in 2008, millions of Americans had housing loans that were short lived and eventually kicked into higher rates that that were tied to the Fed interest rates. This eventually lead tho the collapse of the housing market. However another potential disaster is right around the corner, many Americans were taking lower rate equity loans, and did not realize that after ten years, 120 months, that the remaining 240 months were escalated through out the remainder of the loan, and it can, and already gone up with every rate increase. I have seen my equity loan go up some $60.00 a month just in the interest rate reflecting a total monthly increase of $350.00.  For those who are living on paycheck to paycheck, this could be the beginning of their financial demise.

As I said yesterday, all the screaming, protests and ranting on social media will not get President Trump sand his fellow greedy Republicans any thought about helping us Americans who are working for their American dream. The only way to change America is to get rid of these politicians, and make sure that they better start packing, and don’t even think that they have a chance of regaining their seats in 2018. We don’t have to wait the two years to get things started, if we tell them now, the fight has just begun.

So let’s look at the upcoming 2018 US Senate Races, their names and states, with the Republicans holding holing a 52-46(Democrats)+2(Independents) lead it really not going to take that much to show President Trump that the real humble, and hard working Americans want their country back.

Five Republicans are running for re-election, and four Republicans may seek re-election:

Eighteen Democrats are running for re-election, and five Democrats may seek re-election.

Two Independent are running for re-election

1-Alabama-R-Luther Strange

2-Arizona-R-Jeff Flake

3-California-D-Dianne Feinstein

4-Connecticut-D-Chris Murphy

5-Delaware-D-Tom Carper

6-Florida-D-Bill Nelson

7-Hawaii-D-Mazie Hirono

8-Indiana-D-Joe Donnelly

9-Maine-Ind-Angus King

10-Maryland-D-Ben Cardin?

11-Massachusetts-D-Elizabeth Warren

12-Michigan-D-Debbie Stabenow

13- Minnesota-D-Amy Klobuchar

14-Mississipp-R Roger Wicker

15-Missouri- D-Claire Mc Caskill

16-Montana-D-Jon Tester

17-Nebraska-R-Deb Fischer

18-Nevada-R-Dean Heller

19-New Jersey-D-Bob Menendez

20-New Mexica-D-Martin Heinrich

21-New York-D-Kristen Gillbrand

22-North Dakota-D-Heidi Heitkamp

23-Ohio-D-Sherrod Brown

24-Pennmsylvania-D-Bob Casey Jr.

25-Rhode Island-D-Sheldpn Whitehouse

26-Tennessee-R-Bob Corker

27-Texas-R-Ted Cruz

28-Utah-R-Orrin Hatch

29-Vermont-Ind-Bernie Sanders

30-Virginia-D-Tim Kaine

31-Washington-D-Maria Cantwell

32-West Virginia-D-joe Manchin

33-Wisconsin-D-Tammy Baldwin

34-Wyoming-R-John Barrasso

So here you have it, your packers and the packers for the 2018 US Senates races, lets start NOW, so we can save the America that we wanted and not the one we are being Lied about.