The Upcoming US Senate In 2018 Is When We Get Our Country Back.

I am sick of all of the Health Care that President Trump and his crappy fellow Republicans are giving us. I admired Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator of Vermont taking a political stand on how disgraceful the future TrumpCare plan will be, putting14 million Americans out of the financial reach of receiving health care, but the only way, we are going to let our newly elected president that we can no longer be victims of his presidency, is to regain the US Senate in 2018. Right now the Republicans have the majority at 52R versus 46 Democrats and 2 independents.

The 2018 senate race features 8 Republicans defending their seats, 23 Democrats seeking re-election, and 2 Independents running for their seats. Two years is a long wait, but if we act now and let our senators know who we are voting now, it might send a message to President Trump, that he is on the verge of destroying the Republican Party. Instead of protests, town meetings and getting bent out of shape, I think just wearing the picture of the senator you are going to vote for will get the Republicans a warning of Start packing!

Tomorrow, I will post a list of the senate candidates that are running in 2018, I encourage those who are disappointed on what Donald Trump is doing to our country is to change your pictures on Facebook, and Twitter immediately.

Don’t wait until you drain your savings to pay your medical bills.

I am fortunate to have two Illinois senators, Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin. Looking forward in voting for you in 2018.