President Trump’s Answer to Obama Care Sucks!

I hope many of the Trump voters who have to worry about paying their future health care insurance take note what they got them selves into for not voting for #Hillary Clinton! They gave away their financial stability over the next decade. Oh, you will get many of the Obama Care necessities, you won’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions, you still can attain coverage for those under the age of twenty-six, and there will not be a ceiling for the lifetime of your policy, so that sounds great, $wrong$, wait until you see the new costs and coverage of your health care premiums. President thinks that making health care more competitive, that it will be cheaper. It won’t be, it will like buying gasoline, a couple of cents cheaper. The coverage will not be as good, and who knows what qualifications that will have to be met. This is not the scariest part, with Obama Care the government were giving the states subsidies, to off set the premiums, all gone, those on Medicaid, ten million, might be lucky to live in a state that has access to the new subsidies.

For someone who only a couple of years from Medicare, will have to wait to get their tax credit($2000,00-$4000.00) to off set their new health insurance policy. This does not take place, until 2020, but nothing is going to happen NOW. For my wife and I to get the same coverage(Cobra) that we now have will be close to $1500.00 a month. If my wife needed to find single coverage, it would be about $550.00 a month with a $4000.00 deductible(a possible $800.00 a month). Those those who have families, and don’t have health insurance through their employers could be paying with their deductibles, close to $2000 a month. When you think that this night mare can’t get any worse, large corporations will not be required to supply their employees any type of heath insurance.

So, President Trump, you are going to make “America Great Again”, how, with Americans who cannot afford to go to their once Obama Care doctors? Forget about any future operations, you will need to win the lotto, if you have cancer or diabetes. I guess this is the Trump’s answer to our $3 trillion dollar a year health care problem. If people need to buy health care then they will just have to borrow, or just have one credit card for medical expenses, let’s see, at $15.000 a year, at 15% per cent interest a year, and only making a $500.00 month payment, probably an added $150.00 month interest, means that this could end up costing $100,000 for four years of coverage, but who would want to this, no life is worth that kind of money. Those who could get an equity loan on their house could, save a lot more, but who would want to spend $70,000 for four years of health insurance, no life is worth that kind of money?

And we laugh, when so many of us want to live Canada?