I Sure Hope President Obama Wire-Tapped President Trump’s Phone!

Sure it sounds outrageous that before last years presidential election that President Obama had Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump’s phone tapped, but most likely it’s another paranoidal remark by “The Donald” that the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS are out there to show the American people how wrongly the American people were to elect  Donald Trump. However, if President Obama ordered the CIA or the FBI, there must of been a reason other than to scoop up some dirt on Donald Trump to help Hillary Clinton win the election. Perhaps riot could of been his so call dealings with Vladimir Putin, so call mafia people, or what he had planned to get the upper hand on his opponent, or perhaps to see how secured Donald Trump’s phone lines really a

With all of President Trump’s moving around, from having important meetings in the White House, Trump Towers in New York, and his home in Florida, you would think that he would make sure that no one could ever ease drop on our 45th POTUS. ind you, we now have a president who said that President Obama’s birth certificate was false, and Obama Care is a failure. All of his Obama hatred shows me that he does not wasn’t to learn from a president who just finished serving as president for two challenging terms, and if President Trump would his Google, he would of seen that President Obama also graduated from Harvard Law School, with Neil Gorsuch his Supreme Court nominee in 1991. President Obama would be very stupid to risk his reputation to steep so low to order another President “Watergate” to then candidate Donald J. Trump.

Let’s say that President Obama very much had Donald Trump’s phone wire-tapped, do you think our now President showed the correct pragmatic behavior? He should of kept his mouth shut! See if his phones are bugged now? Let his security investigate the situation, and decide what to do with the Situation. We are probably bugging the phones of our enemies, and probably visa-versa. Hopefully we have the upper hand. For what I see is a President who is not acting like a leader of the “Free World”, or just doesn’t have the right people telling him how to act like the President of The United States of America?

The one person I think President Trump should of asked was Barack Obama. Sure, just come out and ask him. “Did you ever tap my phones”, and if he saids yes, I would then ask, how, why, and what did you record? What damage could this could? Certainly it would make a great audio book, a New York Times Best Seller?