Are There Countries That Can Give Us Health Care?

It seems that the United States will be failing million of Americans with the possibility of getting affordable health care again? With so many of us wanting to travel abroad, it seems to me that it would be a great alternative to save on my wife’s health medical insurance. I have had friends who travel abroad to save on their operations, it surely be an added reward to vacation in Canada, Mexico, and even in the Philippines to not only to have a much needed vacation, but to be able to be checked out by their doctor, and get a 120 days medications at a tremendous savings, and oh yeah, the whole nation could also qualify for a medical deduction on my taxes. Screw President Trumps and his non-doctors Republicans, with their $2000-4000 tax deduction, how about a $10,000.00 medical cruise deduction. If our President can play golf on the weekends, I can take a medical vacation, at least twice a year?

All of the talk about lowering the costs of our medications, why can I not get the same price that I would pay in Mexico, at my neighborhood pharmacy in Illinois?

So I will keep today’s posting simple and sweet. Lets make a plea to the rest of the World, give us medical incentives to visit your doctors, hospitals, and of course, your pharmacies.