When Are WE Going To Stop Playing The TRUMPet and Realize That We Elected A Puppet?

Excuse me tonight, I had a little too much wine tonight, it was a good day beginning with a morning swim at the health club(La Fitness), us old guys couldn’t wait to talk about President Trump, some of the guys are older Latinos, prosperous and proud what they have accomplished, but very worried if their future generation will have the same opportunities, another buddy a former Marine, an Afro-American said it just don’t feel like America any more, in all we came to the conclusion that we are frankly SCARED of what to expect from our new president?

So many ganged up on Hillary Clinton from her emails, foundation, her promenade as Secretary of State, and of course the actions of her husband, President William Jefferson Clinton, that they did not weighed the lesser of the this two evils, and it’s a mere two months with Donald Trump  as our new commander-in chief that many are questioning his leadership, building walls, screening out certain Muslims fro coming into the United States, eliminating the EPA, not caring about climate change, lesser taxes for many of our corporations, increasing the defense budget, and not giving his country affordable health care, RIGHT NOW. It seems that he is going to be a puppet for his fellow Billionaires.

Next week there will probably a fed rate increase, and I see it as horrendous wake-up call of .50%, this will tell America, that it is now time for the banks to get back on track to put the screws to the American people, they want raise million of their equity loans, and hope many of the get foreclosed, so they can make more money. I see also that the stock market will get clobbered with a jolt totaling a negative 3000 points to the Dow Jones Average, there ready to short the market, and with their huge profits, buy right back into it. For the average American, they are going to be hit with loosing their homes, their jobs, and will not be able to pay their health care premiums.

I am sorry about writing about my Tump paranoia, but at seventy years old I am starting to worry like many of my friends that maybe that the TRUMPet was not the right musical instrument that was in tuned with the hopes snd futures of three hundred Americans.