The Health Care Plan.

I was so upset for the whole day trying to see some merit for President Trump’s so so answer to replacing Obama Care, only three that was borrowed, keeping pre-existing conditions, still being able to insure your siblings until the age of twenty-six, and no ceiling cap, other than, it basically SUCKS. All I see that there will be tax credits, and they can only be received when doing one’ income tax returns, and making health insurance more competitive through other states. Do you really think that the insurance companies are going to be competitive. Like I said in yesterday’s post, it’s a matter of choosing what gasoline you need to purchase. Insurance companies will stick together to help each other to make a profit.

These are my suggestions on how I would like to buy health insurance, and my medications, simple, lets our two W’s sell what we need. A little Fanfare please! Our two new health venders will be other than Walgreens, for medications, andWalmart for health insurance. I think that Wal-Mart has some 1.5 million employees in the United States alone, lets say 250,000 of their employees have health insurance, what will it cost Walmart to insure another 50 million people? Sure there is no way to figure out if this will be a money making choice, but there are some definite perks, it’s helping America to get affordable health care, they can off set their losses on the approximately some $8B dollars that they pay to Uncle Sam each year, and lastly its right thing to do, formatting “America Great Again”. Walmart could easily team up with an insurance company, let’s say Warren Buffets favorite, Geico. I wish we could ask him what he thinks about my health care plan.

Now on the other side of the coin is American’s perpetual daily routine of medications. Why not our big drug stores, like Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS, be the big suppliers for the majority of our Americans prescriptions? President Trump wants to pressure the drug manufactures to lower their costs, why give the lower prices to those are able to order in unbelievable Godly, never hear before amounts?

President Trumps wants health care to be competitive, what could be so easy our affordable health care insurance at our favorite Walmart, CosCo, or what ever that usually just around the corner, and affordable drugs from Walgreens that have lover prices abroad, that they can pass on to us.

Did I just say us, or did I mean those who live in US(United States). We are going to wait what Warren Buffet might think.