Medicare B, Answer.

Yesterday, I wrote about my $100.00 doctor visit, and many of you said I might of had the solution for some of our health care concerns. Going to a doctor on a regular routine is very important to monitor one’s health, but we still have to face the  financial burden  if we don’t have the proper health care insurance if we have to go to the hospital for surgery, or getting cure for pneumonia. With the new d Trump Care that will be replacing Obama Care, I see that many of us are only going to save money on our health care premiums by depending on our new tax credits, and hopefully we can get a more competitive price on care, through crossing state lines. I can’t see how a health care policy issued in one state will be able to cover me properly in my state of Illinois. So what can we do as a mass of Americans?

I think we are forgetting that our country was founded on  “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Is n’t being in good health a source of happiness? So why don’t we DEMAND that our country needs to help all of us  Americans, Rich or Poor. I have to commend Senator Bernie Sanders, for being a  fighter for us Americans, after the majority of us voted either for Clinton  or Trump. Senator Sanders has motivate me to think how can we solve the demean of providing affordable health care for all Americans.

It seems that us seniors have been rescued with affordable  Medicare A&B coverage, that costs at the most $300.00 dollars a month with a so call $1800.00 deductible. Who’s saids getting old doesn’t have any advantages.

Why can’t we have Medicare for all of us? I am not talking about socialized medicine, but an early type of social security that covers the cost of one’s health premiums, more you work, the less your premiums will be. For the poor, they will be covered, all businesses will be taxed at a greater rate, but they will not be responsible for paying for their employees health insurance., everyone will be taxes accordingly, even the rich, a straight tax. Health care is a 3 Trillion dollar cost in this country, but with doctors charging just a $100.00 a visit, and with the tightening with everything across the board, we can cut the bill to $1.5 Trillion dollars, and our country will not only be concerned with defense, but to be proud to have his “Greater America”  being a healthier America.

President Trump should think about doubling the population of America, so we can create more industries, more education, more stores, churches, more doctors, more hospitals, or just More and More we can build a bigger economy. As Senator Sanders has stated that there are too many rich people who are reaping the rewards of our country, It;s about time that we start thinking that we are all Americans that want to help Americans, to become better and healthier Americans.

Lets make it our business to be America’s business, healthy, educated, and caring. It’s amazing that we all look alike when we got our skins off, and our hearts in the right place,