A Simple Hand Shake Would of Been Nice, President Trump.

I know that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and President Trump, did shake hands before their meeting, but I think our President again put his foot in his mouth, about having the both of them having their phones tapped by the past administrations. When it comes to security, I believe that there is a reason why we need what is being said to those leaders who enter our country, for all what I know, it could be a threat to their life, or the threat to a member of their family. There is a reason for every thing, and I wish President Trump stop talking about his allege President Obama’s write tap, and certainly son’ inform the whole world that the United States ease dropped on the Ms. Merkel’s phone in 2013.

Do you think that the president’s staff could get someone to teach the president how to be the leader of the free world? In President Trump’s case, words are louder than action., no humor, no sarcasm, and just listen. Chancellor Merkel has the whole weight of Europe on her, and she is on bridge that we need to work with. After World War II, Germany had to show the world, that they felt very guilty for what Adolph Hitler did to some six million Jews. Germany’s desire to  help one million refugees to enter their country is a testimony that they are a passionate country, and need to heal their hearts. I don;t think discussing the refugees with Ms. Merkel was not very diplomatic. Maybe he could of learned something about compassion from Germany, it’s ironic, Germany got rid of the Berlin Wall, while President Trump wants to build a wall around the Mexican border.

When the two leaders ended their meeting in from to the media, there wasn’t a cordial had shake by President Trump, when he mentioned about the the alleged wire tapping of her phone, her eyes rolled, and I wondered if P.H.D(Physical Chemistry), as Chancellor wanted to say the word, “Smuck”? Probably not, she is too much a “Mensch”(Human Being).

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to conduct yourself to be President of The United States? Maybe in President Trump’s case, maybe he need a scientist like Ms. Merkel to teach him a lesson or two.