How Many Americans Will President Trump Piss Off?

President Trump’s latest Tweet, ” Obama Care will explode, and will all get together a great heath care plan, or The People”, “Do not Worry.” Well, I for one is very much worried. I see the sudden did-trust that Americans are starting to see in their new president. Many of us are starting to see that being the President of The United States requires to be a special breed, and to accomplish it during the last eight years truly reflects the greatness of Barack Obama.

There are so many un-kept promises we are seeing with President Trump, bull shit and more bull shit. There are going to be so many jobs, we are going to build the great wall around Mexico, lower taxes for US corporations, and millions of Americans without affordable health care. The clock is ticking and its simple those who can mortgage their homes, find a job that offer health care coverage, and  those who can travel abroad to get affordable heath care are out of luck, and money.

What is it going to take to get the American people to realize that they have been conned? Add this to rising interests, the possibility of another stock market crash, and a mass layoff like the one we have never seen, will definitely get every one’s attention. Surely most people think, how could this happen, the stock market is at a record high, unemployment is lowering, well it will be “the calm before the storm”. When the health care premiums come in the mail, there will be a panic of disbelief, and right then and there, the financial night mare of having to pay ten’s of thousand of dollars for medical services, will finally knock down all of the Trumpeters to their knees.

Sorry Trumpeters, I saw the Titanic, and I started to run for my life.