Are There Countries That Can Give Us Health Care?

It seems that the United States will be failing million of Americans with the possibility of getting affordable health care again? With so many of us wanting to travel abroad, it seems to me that it would be a great alternative to save on my wife’s health medical insurance. I have had friends who travel abroad to save on their operations, it surely be an added reward to vacation in Canada, Mexico, and even in the Philippines to not only to have a much needed vacation, but to be able to be checked out by their doctor, and get a 120 days medications at a tremendous savings, and oh yeah, the whole nation could also qualify for a medical deduction on my taxes. Screw President Trumps and his non-doctors Republicans, with their $2000-4000 tax deduction, how about a $10,000.00 medical cruise deduction. If our President can play golf on the weekends, I can take a medical vacation, at least twice a year?

All of the talk about lowering the costs of our medications, why can I not get the same price that I would pay in Mexico, at my neighborhood pharmacy in Illinois?

So I will keep today’s posting simple and sweet. Lets make a plea to the rest of the World, give us medical incentives to visit your doctors, hospitals, and of course, your pharmacies.


President Trump’s Heavenly Speech Never Happened.

Today I was playing some mind crazies, and tried not to think about what is happening to day with the United States and President Trump, every day seems that our country is forgetting that it is suppose to be a paradise to the rest of the world, instead it’s causing so much of a backlash. Programs like the EPA, Meals on Wheels, and Planned Parenthood will going away by the wayside, and because of it, we will many seniors without a nourishing meal, filthy are and water, and a hopeless teenage girl trying to scrape enough money for a back alley abortionist. If this was not enough, our president is insulting countries like Mexico, that there will no longer be American factories in your country, and yo better start paying higher Mexican taxes to pay for our American wall, we told Germany yesterday that they are fools for taking in two million refugees, and of course we made clear, Muslims are certainly our enemies. The list goes on and on with President Trump. Americans are going to eventually going to pay at least a third of their income for health care, and will lucky to get a $2,000.00 to $4000.00 tax write off, if this is scary enough, interest rates will eventually go up to six per-cent, and get ready for another housing disaster. Whew, don’t we live in such a great country now?

President Trump, here what I thought could of been the greatest speech ever given by a President of the United States, Lincoln FDR, and Kennedy would be standing in amazement. Hey this my blog, and I have the right to “Dream-On”, so here are the highlights.

  1. I have asked Vice-President Mike Pense to step down as my second hand man, and with the the permission Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader , who will be retiring, to endorse Mike Pense as your replacement on the Supreme Court.
  2. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Badge Ginsberg stated to me, that for her to step down from the Supreme Court, I would also have to nominate President Barack Obama to the Highest Court of America.
  3. With the absence of my Vice-President, I am asking the Congress to reinstate Senator Ted Cruz as my new vice-president.
  4. I am also asking the great state of Texas welcome their new U.S. senator, President George W. Bush.
  5. I feel that I have failed the American people on the issue of health care, and we MUST the MEDICARE for all of our American citizens, so with the assistance of Tom Price, I am pleading to Senator Bernie Sanders, to step down from being the Senator of Vermont, and be my new Secretary of Health and Human Services. I am sure that the new Trump and Sanders Health Care Plan, will definitely fit the needs of the people of the United States’
  6. I am also asking the great state of Vermont, to welcome their new United States Senator, President William Jefferson Clinton.
  7. I feel that I was not in tune with many of the educational needs in our inner cities, with the permission Betsy DeVos, that our new appointed Supreme Court Justice, President Barack Obama will be very much excited about our new Secretary of Education, Ms. Michelle Obama.
  8. I want to apologize to our Mexican neighbors, and realize that they can be very instrumental for to reduce the cost of health care, not only in the United States but around the world. We are going to build nursing homes, and hospitals in Mexico so their will be no reason to come to the United States for jobs.

Well, it sounds crazy President Trump that you could created a Supreme Court that has a President and Vice President, a U.S. Senate that has two former United States Presidents, a former First Lady in your cabinet, a United States Senator in your cabinet, lower priced nursing homes, more doctors , helping our neighboring country, Mexico finally able to say that they are finally out of poverty, and finally a healthier America, yes President Trump, your “Great America” could of have  arrived.


A Simple Hand Shake Would of Been Nice, President Trump.

I know that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and President Trump, did shake hands before their meeting, but I think our President again put his foot in his mouth, about having the both of them having their phones tapped by the past administrations. When it comes to security, I believe that there is a reason why we need what is being said to those leaders who enter our country, for all what I know, it could be a threat to their life, or the threat to a member of their family. There is a reason for every thing, and I wish President Trump stop talking about his allege President Obama’s write tap, and certainly son’ inform the whole world that the United States ease dropped on the Ms. Merkel’s phone in 2013.

Do you think that the president’s staff could get someone to teach the president how to be the leader of the free world? In President Trump’s case, words are louder than action., no humor, no sarcasm, and just listen. Chancellor Merkel has the whole weight of Europe on her, and she is on bridge that we need to work with. After World War II, Germany had to show the world, that they felt very guilty for what Adolph Hitler did to some six million Jews. Germany’s desire to  help one million refugees to enter their country is a testimony that they are a passionate country, and need to heal their hearts. I don;t think discussing the refugees with Ms. Merkel was not very diplomatic. Maybe he could of learned something about compassion from Germany, it’s ironic, Germany got rid of the Berlin Wall, while President Trump wants to build a wall around the Mexican border.

When the two leaders ended their meeting in from to the media, there wasn’t a cordial had shake by President Trump, when he mentioned about the the alleged wire tapping of her phone, her eyes rolled, and I wondered if P.H.D(Physical Chemistry), as Chancellor wanted to say the word, “Smuck”? Probably not, she is too much a “Mensch”(Human Being).

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to conduct yourself to be President of The United States? Maybe in President Trump’s case, maybe he need a scientist like Ms. Merkel to teach him a lesson or two.

The End of Medicare and Social Security Is Near.

This is just my opinion, with President Trump wanting to end  so many enticements from Planned Parenthood to Meals On Wheels for seniors, it wouldn’t surprise me that he and his fellow rich Republicans don’t care about the average struggling America, yet alone so many poor people in this country, that they don’t care what programs they will cut. With interest rates going up and up. It will provide the perfect environments for the banks to make more money in giving a long waited higher mortgage rates, and yet more treacherous equity loans, that it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately these fish are a good majority of our senior citizens who are trying to hang on to their health. The truth of the matter that the reward for working so long was the fact that their government has rewarded them with affordable health care called MEDICARE, and SOCIAL SECURITY, unfortunately our current administration thinks that the government is spending too much money keeping citizens over the age of sixty-five alive. It’s better to spend more on defense contracts, and build bridges.

I am scared not only for myself, but also for our future generations, there will be fewer programs for the arts, the poor will not get the education they will need, and there will an increase in both of our population, and a sudden rise in back alley abortions, hate crimes will be of the norm, and there will be no more middle class. Americans will be cutting back financially, because their new hobby will be finding a way to pay for their family health care, putting their kids through college, and something new, taking care of their parents, sorry for the paranoia, it will be a reality.

There is nothing that I can do, hopefully I will live another four years to see how we are going recovered fro the night mare that we are facing now.

We Have To Let The Republicans Know That They Better Start Packing.

Today the Feds just announced another .25% rate increase that will put more financial pressures on people like myself who had to borrow from the equity of their home so they sustain  a decent quality of life in their remain years, however there are younger, perhaps just married Americans who are planning to purchase their first home, and find themselves squeezed out of the housing market because  of the recent increases in interest rates. With much of the emphasis this week on the the repealing of Obama Care, and substituting with a more costlier TrumpCare health plan, the general public are not paying attention of what could be the beginning of another housing collapse. Just like what happened in 2008, millions of Americans had housing loans that were short lived and eventually kicked into higher rates that that were tied to the Fed interest rates. This eventually lead tho the collapse of the housing market. However another potential disaster is right around the corner, many Americans were taking lower rate equity loans, and did not realize that after ten years, 120 months, that the remaining 240 months were escalated through out the remainder of the loan, and it can, and already gone up with every rate increase. I have seen my equity loan go up some $60.00 a month just in the interest rate reflecting a total monthly increase of $350.00.  For those who are living on paycheck to paycheck, this could be the beginning of their financial demise.

As I said yesterday, all the screaming, protests and ranting on social media will not get President Trump sand his fellow greedy Republicans any thought about helping us Americans who are working for their American dream. The only way to change America is to get rid of these politicians, and make sure that they better start packing, and don’t even think that they have a chance of regaining their seats in 2018. We don’t have to wait the two years to get things started, if we tell them now, the fight has just begun.

So let’s look at the upcoming 2018 US Senate Races, their names and states, with the Republicans holding holing a 52-46(Democrats)+2(Independents) lead it really not going to take that much to show President Trump that the real humble, and hard working Americans want their country back.

Five Republicans are running for re-election, and four Republicans may seek re-election:

Eighteen Democrats are running for re-election, and five Democrats may seek re-election.

Two Independent are running for re-election

1-Alabama-R-Luther Strange

2-Arizona-R-Jeff Flake

3-California-D-Dianne Feinstein

4-Connecticut-D-Chris Murphy

5-Delaware-D-Tom Carper

6-Florida-D-Bill Nelson

7-Hawaii-D-Mazie Hirono

8-Indiana-D-Joe Donnelly

9-Maine-Ind-Angus King

10-Maryland-D-Ben Cardin?

11-Massachusetts-D-Elizabeth Warren

12-Michigan-D-Debbie Stabenow

13- Minnesota-D-Amy Klobuchar

14-Mississipp-R Roger Wicker

15-Missouri- D-Claire Mc Caskill

16-Montana-D-Jon Tester

17-Nebraska-R-Deb Fischer

18-Nevada-R-Dean Heller

19-New Jersey-D-Bob Menendez

20-New Mexica-D-Martin Heinrich

21-New York-D-Kristen Gillbrand

22-North Dakota-D-Heidi Heitkamp

23-Ohio-D-Sherrod Brown

24-Pennmsylvania-D-Bob Casey Jr.

25-Rhode Island-D-Sheldpn Whitehouse

26-Tennessee-R-Bob Corker

27-Texas-R-Ted Cruz

28-Utah-R-Orrin Hatch

29-Vermont-Ind-Bernie Sanders

30-Virginia-D-Tim Kaine

31-Washington-D-Maria Cantwell

32-West Virginia-D-joe Manchin

33-Wisconsin-D-Tammy Baldwin

34-Wyoming-R-John Barrasso

So here you have it, your packers and the packers for the 2018 US Senates races, lets start NOW, so we can save the America that we wanted and not the one we are being Lied about.


The Upcoming US Senate In 2018 Is When We Get Our Country Back.

I am sick of all of the Health Care that President Trump and his crappy fellow Republicans are giving us. I admired Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator of Vermont taking a political stand on how disgraceful the future TrumpCare plan will be, putting14 million Americans out of the financial reach of receiving health care, but the only way, we are going to let our newly elected president that we can no longer be victims of his presidency, is to regain the US Senate in 2018. Right now the Republicans have the majority at 52R versus 46 Democrats and 2 independents.

The 2018 senate race features 8 Republicans defending their seats, 23 Democrats seeking re-election, and 2 Independents running for their seats. Two years is a long wait, but if we act now and let our senators know who we are voting now, it might send a message to President Trump, that he is on the verge of destroying the Republican Party. Instead of protests, town meetings and getting bent out of shape, I think just wearing the picture of the senator you are going to vote for will get the Republicans a warning of Start packing!

Tomorrow, I will post a list of the senate candidates that are running in 2018, I encourage those who are disappointed on what Donald Trump is doing to our country is to change your pictures on Facebook, and Twitter immediately.

Don’t wait until you drain your savings to pay your medical bills.

I am fortunate to have two Illinois senators, Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin. Looking forward in voting for you in 2018.

Under Trump Care, Means Looking For An Undertaker Sooner.

So with the Congressional Budget saying that some 14 million Americans will lose their health insurance by 2018, and it could escalate to 52 million by the year 2026, it looks like President Trump has his fellow Republicans their answer about repealing Obama Care, lets have more Americans off the insurance roll and start dying  earlier, less benefits to be paid like social security, medicaid, medicare, pensions, and of course collect a lot more death taxes. The “dead beats”, the poor, uneducated, undocumented have nothing to contribute to our country anyway, besides the only jobs these can get are selling drugs, and learn to be terrorists. However there is one event that could possibly cripple all America, and eventually shut down the United States, that is without receiving the proper health care in time, there will be tens of millions of “Sick Americans” that will inflict the whole country, bingo, the deaths of million of Americans, it is what the rich politicians want, less garbage Americans, but how are we going to survive if every one is now sick.

It will be one gigantic epidemic, there will not be enough doctors, hospitals, and medications to help half of our now sick population. Where are we going to dispose of all the the dead bodies, yet alone their contaminated clothes, our airways will be spreading germs to everyone. There will not be enough healthy people to keep the country going. The stock market will loose a whopping 95% loss in value, it’s been a long time since Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are only millionaires. We won’t even have enough law enforcement, yet alone our military to protect us. It only takes 50 million sick Americans to start our eventual downfall, by then with some 400 million Americans spending a surprising half on their income on health care, and one out of eight Americans without medicare, will then be infected with perhaps incurable virus, it could mean the death of some 150 million years in just two year in 2028, and by 2030 the number could rise to a disturbing 300 million deaths, the remaining 100 million people left will not have the resources like clean air, and medical care to survive. This is just the United States, world wide, it has the potential of wiping out half of the earth’s human population.

I know I am exaggerating, beyond my imagination, but if their is a slight possibility that it does happen, we can trace it to the year 2017, when President Trump and his fellow Americans decided to repeal Obama Care. Thanks President Trump, I will start checking if their are any cheap burial plots in my neighborhood.

Maybe President Trump’s Health Care Plan Might Be Cheaper?

Right now tens’s of millions of Americans are scrambling for answers on how are they going to afford their new health care plans that President Trump hope’s will be a successful replacement for our now very costly, but it was better than nothing, Obama Care. The new health care plan will many Americans to purchase health insurance in other states at supposedly lower prices, like the insurance companies really want our business. I don’t think that there will be that much of a difference, unless certain states will allow corporations pool outside insurers with their existing insurers, could work and I hope it does, for the time being Medicare for all of us it certainly  out of the question, at least with our newly elected president, Donald Trump.

So, what could be a possible solution? How about States offering a considerable health care credit for those wanting to make their permanence resident in their state. It will mean not just working  in  one’s new state, and have a p.o. box as an address, it will mean that you must have a valid driver’s license, and either are a bonafied renter, or a new home owner. In my state, Illinois, were don’t even have a state budget, second highest property tax in the country, and one of the states’s highest sales tax, has almost 40,000 people leaving to reside in other states that are not only cheaper, but has nicer weather conditions.

So here I am trying to find cheaper health insurance for my wife, who won’t be eligible for medicare for two and half years. I am thinking about retiring in Florida, and I be very few people are moving out, but what about Indiana, Vice-President Pense, would your former home state pick up fifty per cent of my wife’s new health care plan, if we sell our house in Illinois, and make our residence in Indiana? Kooks like a no brainer, real estate values will go up, more tax revenue, more jobs created, more doctors and hospitals will be needed, and of course more health care policies will be sold.

The only problem I would have, should I start rooting for the he Hoosiers of The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame?

When Are WE Going To Stop Playing The TRUMPet and Realize That We Elected A Puppet?

Excuse me tonight, I had a little too much wine tonight, it was a good day beginning with a morning swim at the health club(La Fitness), us old guys couldn’t wait to talk about President Trump, some of the guys are older Latinos, prosperous and proud what they have accomplished, but very worried if their future generation will have the same opportunities, another buddy a former Marine, an Afro-American said it just don’t feel like America any more, in all we came to the conclusion that we are frankly SCARED of what to expect from our new president?

So many ganged up on Hillary Clinton from her emails, foundation, her promenade as Secretary of State, and of course the actions of her husband, President William Jefferson Clinton, that they did not weighed the lesser of the this two evils, and it’s a mere two months with Donald Trump  as our new commander-in chief that many are questioning his leadership, building walls, screening out certain Muslims fro coming into the United States, eliminating the EPA, not caring about climate change, lesser taxes for many of our corporations, increasing the defense budget, and not giving his country affordable health care, RIGHT NOW. It seems that he is going to be a puppet for his fellow Billionaires.

Next week there will probably a fed rate increase, and I see it as horrendous wake-up call of .50%, this will tell America, that it is now time for the banks to get back on track to put the screws to the American people, they want raise million of their equity loans, and hope many of the get foreclosed, so they can make more money. I see also that the stock market will get clobbered with a jolt totaling a negative 3000 points to the Dow Jones Average, there ready to short the market, and with their huge profits, buy right back into it. For the average American, they are going to be hit with loosing their homes, their jobs, and will not be able to pay their health care premiums.

I am sorry about writing about my Tump paranoia, but at seventy years old I am starting to worry like many of my friends that maybe that the TRUMPet was not the right musical instrument that was in tuned with the hopes snd futures of three hundred Americans.

Medicare B, Answer.

Yesterday, I wrote about my $100.00 doctor visit, and many of you said I might of had the solution for some of our health care concerns. Going to a doctor on a regular routine is very important to monitor one’s health, but we still have to face the  financial burden  if we don’t have the proper health care insurance if we have to go to the hospital for surgery, or getting cure for pneumonia. With the new d Trump Care that will be replacing Obama Care, I see that many of us are only going to save money on our health care premiums by depending on our new tax credits, and hopefully we can get a more competitive price on care, through crossing state lines. I can’t see how a health care policy issued in one state will be able to cover me properly in my state of Illinois. So what can we do as a mass of Americans?

I think we are forgetting that our country was founded on  “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Is n’t being in good health a source of happiness? So why don’t we DEMAND that our country needs to help all of us  Americans, Rich or Poor. I have to commend Senator Bernie Sanders, for being a  fighter for us Americans, after the majority of us voted either for Clinton  or Trump. Senator Sanders has motivate me to think how can we solve the demean of providing affordable health care for all Americans.

It seems that us seniors have been rescued with affordable  Medicare A&B coverage, that costs at the most $300.00 dollars a month with a so call $1800.00 deductible. Who’s saids getting old doesn’t have any advantages.

Why can’t we have Medicare for all of us? I am not talking about socialized medicine, but an early type of social security that covers the cost of one’s health premiums, more you work, the less your premiums will be. For the poor, they will be covered, all businesses will be taxed at a greater rate, but they will not be responsible for paying for their employees health insurance., everyone will be taxes accordingly, even the rich, a straight tax. Health care is a 3 Trillion dollar cost in this country, but with doctors charging just a $100.00 a visit, and with the tightening with everything across the board, we can cut the bill to $1.5 Trillion dollars, and our country will not only be concerned with defense, but to be proud to have his “Greater America”  being a healthier America.

President Trump should think about doubling the population of America, so we can create more industries, more education, more stores, churches, more doctors, more hospitals, or just More and More we can build a bigger economy. As Senator Sanders has stated that there are too many rich people who are reaping the rewards of our country, It;s about time that we start thinking that we are all Americans that want to help Americans, to become better and healthier Americans.

Lets make it our business to be America’s business, healthy, educated, and caring. It’s amazing that we all look alike when we got our skins off, and our hearts in the right place,