The $100.00 Doctor Visit.

I just came back from my doctor’s office, and not only did I get a good bill of health, he gave me an idea that could alleviate much of the financial burden that million of Americans are going to face with President Trump’s new health care proposal. I did not know that the average family physician only makes $150,000.00 dollars a year. So I asked him that maybe $500,000.00-$2,000.000.00 salary could easily satisfied most doctors, if we didn’t have to do all the computer updates and paying our hefty insurance premiums.I got me to some thinking.

Perhaps, the government should put primary physicians on their payroll at $250,000.00 a year, assume their insurance costs, and let these doctors keep the $100.00 that they will collect from these new patients. This would allow millions of Americans who cannot afford health care insurance, at least have an affordable option to be seen my a medical physician. Many of you might think that $100.00 is a lot of money, it’s a matter of taking care of one’s health, or buying a pair of Nike’s or going to a beauty salon. At least this will prevent people from getting sicker by putting off going to a Real doctor. Over all it will save the government $billions of dollars, and they can lift their heads to the rest of the world that they have doctors on their payroll for for the sole purpose of having a healthier America.

Tomorrow I will talk about an idea I borrowed from Senator Bernie Sanders, Medicare A for all Americans.

Is $100.00 a lot of money, if it can save your LIFE?

Another Fed Rate Increase, Inching Me Into The Poor House.

Well it comes next week, another Federal rate increase, like so many Americans who had to take an equity loan on their homes or condos to make ends neat, the second of many rate increase to come, has certainly put a damper on my spendings to say the leastIt;s enough that after having my equity loan for a little over ten years(120 payments plus interest), I am now forced to make accelerated payments for the next 240 months, thus paying an additional $350.00 dollars a month. With next week’s rate increase, it will add on an additional $22.00 a month. All in all it will totaled some $715.00 a month for just my loan, something I did not expect. I am sure that there are those who probably have a $250,000 equity loan and are probably doing some extra nail biting. However this is just the second of maybe four jumps in the prime rate that is planned for this year alone. What the “Trumpians” and Fed chair woman, Janet Yellen isn’t taking in, is that with mortgage rates reach a high of 5 percent from it’s low 0f 3.25%, how the Hell are people, mostly are wanting, ever going to finance their first home?

The ripple effect of fewer buyers in the real estate market, will take its toll not only on the housing market, it will bring on more foreclosures to the banks, the manufacturing of homes, the supply chains, like Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

Right now President Trump is scaring many of us with his favoritism  towards the wealthy in this country his tax breaks. It’s about time that the president help the middle class and seniors. WE worked steady and hard to make our America great, and with the new provisions for our future health care, and the inching up of the fed’s rates increase, I see my future heading down a new path, straight to the Poorhouse .

Leave interest rates ALONE, if you  want to make “America Greater” as President Trump keeps emphasizing, help us save money to afford to go to doctors, and to keep our house, while are living a life of luxury.



The Health Care Plan.

I was so upset for the whole day trying to see some merit for President Trump’s so so answer to replacing Obama Care, only three that was borrowed, keeping pre-existing conditions, still being able to insure your siblings until the age of twenty-six, and no ceiling cap, other than, it basically SUCKS. All I see that there will be tax credits, and they can only be received when doing one’ income tax returns, and making health insurance more competitive through other states. Do you really think that the insurance companies are going to be competitive. Like I said in yesterday’s post, it’s a matter of choosing what gasoline you need to purchase. Insurance companies will stick together to help each other to make a profit.

These are my suggestions on how I would like to buy health insurance, and my medications, simple, lets our two W’s sell what we need. A little Fanfare please! Our two new health venders will be other than Walgreens, for medications, andWalmart for health insurance. I think that Wal-Mart has some 1.5 million employees in the United States alone, lets say 250,000 of their employees have health insurance, what will it cost Walmart to insure another 50 million people? Sure there is no way to figure out if this will be a money making choice, but there are some definite perks, it’s helping America to get affordable health care, they can off set their losses on the approximately some $8B dollars that they pay to Uncle Sam each year, and lastly its right thing to do, formatting “America Great Again”. Walmart could easily team up with an insurance company, let’s say Warren Buffets favorite, Geico. I wish we could ask him what he thinks about my health care plan.

Now on the other side of the coin is American’s perpetual daily routine of medications. Why not our big drug stores, like Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS, be the big suppliers for the majority of our Americans prescriptions? President Trump wants to pressure the drug manufactures to lower their costs, why give the lower prices to those are able to order in unbelievable Godly, never hear before amounts?

President Trumps wants health care to be competitive, what could be so easy our affordable health care insurance at our favorite Walmart, CosCo, or what ever that usually just around the corner, and affordable drugs from Walgreens that have lover prices abroad, that they can pass on to us.

Did I just say us, or did I mean those who live in US(United States). We are going to wait what Warren Buffet might think.



President Trump’s Answer to Obama Care Sucks!

I hope many of the Trump voters who have to worry about paying their future health care insurance take note what they got them selves into for not voting for #Hillary Clinton! They gave away their financial stability over the next decade. Oh, you will get many of the Obama Care necessities, you won’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions, you still can attain coverage for those under the age of twenty-six, and there will not be a ceiling for the lifetime of your policy, so that sounds great, $wrong$, wait until you see the new costs and coverage of your health care premiums. President thinks that making health care more competitive, that it will be cheaper. It won’t be, it will like buying gasoline, a couple of cents cheaper. The coverage will not be as good, and who knows what qualifications that will have to be met. This is not the scariest part, with Obama Care the government were giving the states subsidies, to off set the premiums, all gone, those on Medicaid, ten million, might be lucky to live in a state that has access to the new subsidies.

For someone who only a couple of years from Medicare, will have to wait to get their tax credit($2000,00-$4000.00) to off set their new health insurance policy. This does not take place, until 2020, but nothing is going to happen NOW. For my wife and I to get the same coverage(Cobra) that we now have will be close to $1500.00 a month. If my wife needed to find single coverage, it would be about $550.00 a month with a $4000.00 deductible(a possible $800.00 a month). Those those who have families, and don’t have health insurance through their employers could be paying with their deductibles, close to $2000 a month. When you think that this night mare can’t get any worse, large corporations will not be required to supply their employees any type of heath insurance.

So, President Trump, you are going to make “America Great Again”, how, with Americans who cannot afford to go to their once Obama Care doctors? Forget about any future operations, you will need to win the lotto, if you have cancer or diabetes. I guess this is the Trump’s answer to our $3 trillion dollar a year health care problem. If people need to buy health care then they will just have to borrow, or just have one credit card for medical expenses, let’s see, at $15.000 a year, at 15% per cent interest a year, and only making a $500.00 month payment, probably an added $150.00 month interest, means that this could end up costing $100,000 for four years of coverage, but who would want to this, no life is worth that kind of money. Those who could get an equity loan on their house could, save a lot more, but who would want to spend $70,000 for four years of health insurance, no life is worth that kind of money?

And we laugh, when so many of us want to live Canada?

I Sure Hope President Obama Wire-Tapped President Trump’s Phone!

Sure it sounds outrageous that before last years presidential election that President Obama had Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump’s phone tapped, but most likely it’s another paranoidal remark by “The Donald” that the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS are out there to show the American people how wrongly the American people were to elect  Donald Trump. However, if President Obama ordered the CIA or the FBI, there must of been a reason other than to scoop up some dirt on Donald Trump to help Hillary Clinton win the election. Perhaps riot could of been his so call dealings with Vladimir Putin, so call mafia people, or what he had planned to get the upper hand on his opponent, or perhaps to see how secured Donald Trump’s phone lines really a

With all of President Trump’s moving around, from having important meetings in the White House, Trump Towers in New York, and his home in Florida, you would think that he would make sure that no one could ever ease drop on our 45th POTUS. ind you, we now have a president who said that President Obama’s birth certificate was false, and Obama Care is a failure. All of his Obama hatred shows me that he does not wasn’t to learn from a president who just finished serving as president for two challenging terms, and if President Trump would his Google, he would of seen that President Obama also graduated from Harvard Law School, with Neil Gorsuch his Supreme Court nominee in 1991. President Obama would be very stupid to risk his reputation to steep so low to order another President “Watergate” to then candidate Donald J. Trump.

Let’s say that President Obama very much had Donald Trump’s phone wire-tapped, do you think our now President showed the correct pragmatic behavior? He should of kept his mouth shut! See if his phones are bugged now? Let his security investigate the situation, and decide what to do with the Situation. We are probably bugging the phones of our enemies, and probably visa-versa. Hopefully we have the upper hand. For what I see is a President who is not acting like a leader of the “Free World”, or just doesn’t have the right people telling him how to act like the President of The United States of America?

The one person I think President Trump should of asked was Barack Obama. Sure, just come out and ask him. “Did you ever tap my phones”, and if he saids yes, I would then ask, how, why, and what did you record? What damage could this could? Certainly it would make a great audio book, a New York Times Best Seller?



You Would Think When We Honor The Widow of Ryan Owens That Pelosi and Sanders Could Stand UP?

When Colin Kaepernick, a then quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, refused to stand up for the National Anthem, out rage through out the country thus told the NFL, that it is an honor to play football in the United States, no matter what he was protesting it did not belong in the playing field. You would think that two of our prominent Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, US Representative of California, and the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, and Senator Bernie Sanders, the US Senator from Vermont would of learned from the now free-agent Colin Kaepernick to Stand Up and respect our country’s true values, the American Flag, and our fallen heroes, who sacrificed their lives so they and the rest the United States can live safely.

No matter what you differences with President Trump, and we know that there are many, Did you ever THINK before you decided not to stand? This wasn’t only the President’s moment, but it was for Carryn Owens, the widow of Ryan Owens, a Navy Seal, who sacrificed his life defending our country. It was for all the widows that have to tell their children that their mothers and fathers will never be coming home again, but they loved you.

Right now I feel so sorry for my United States, so many accusations against our just elected president, Donald Trump, and the witnessing  of such poor judgement and sensitivity made by Nancy and Bernie.

I think you Carryn Owens and the country, and President an apology,  and m maybe you can start thinking about a new career with Colin, a trio that specializing in singing The National Anthem!

I AM So Sick of Hearing About Who Has Talked TO Russian Ambassador, Sergev Kislyak.

I hope this posting does not get me shot, but isn’t there anyone else questioning why do we have so many foreign ambassadors in this country, I think there is about 177 of them. If our newly appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions talked to the Russian Ambassador, I think he knows what is the proper protocol to what to say and of course what is not right to communicate about. Sure he perhaps lied about this to congress, buy has anyone ever thought that there could of been something that could jeopardize the life of Sergev Kislyak. Who knows what his boss, Vladimir Putin, has inspired, not only for the United States, but for the rest of the world.

Why do we all of these foreign officials in our country, setting up embassies, and we cannot have a civilized conversation, even a better thing to think about, why do we need The United Nations? Do you think we can save money, if we cut out all the political bull shit in this country and try to save some money. How much does it cost for us to have our American ambassadors, we have to pay and feed them too. Can’t we do much of this online? Perhaps we can have a yearly, international get together like the Olympics. It can be one big party. Make it a national holiday.

I wish we can just concentrate on running our soon to be GREAT UNITED STATES again. May all of our elected official should be required to wear listening devices, including President Trump and all of his family. Lets change our “Freedom of Speech” to our new FREEDUMB of SPEECH, God forbid if someone gets caught to the Russian Ambassador.

You Told FaceBook Right, Snap Chat.

Some time ago ago I was astounded that Evan Spiegel turned down a couple of Billion dollars for his photo app, from Mark Zuckerberg. Was I and the whole world was wrong, in just two days Snap Chat’s market evaluation reached some 39 billion dollars.

——-to be continued———

Will President Trump Turn The Dow Jones 30 Into The New Dow 15?

The day after President Trump’s first speech to the joint session of congress, when Dow Jones 30 responded in a freight train locomotive. The Dow Jones average reached an all time high of 21,115.55 after going up some 303.37 points for the day, amazing but like all bull markets it won’t be long that we that we wished we took our profits. How ever, I see with all of this corporate increase worth, there is something that President Trump probably hasn’t thought of. Let companies lisle Apple bring into the United States, and not be subjected to any taxes if they invest in other companies. The Disney Corporation with a market of of $169B Billion dollars could be a great acquisition for Apple, they are both in the entertainment industry, and they certainly could complement each other.

So going into specifics lets see how we can reduce the Dow 30 into the new Donald Trump 15.

A)  Apple acquires Disney.

B) MMM merges with Home Depot

C) American Express merges with Goldman Sachs

D) General  Electric merges with Boeing

E) Chevron merges with Xon-Mobil

F) Cisco merges with Microsoft

G) Proctor&Gamble merges with Coca-Cola

H) Ei Dupont de Nemours & C0 with Johnson&Johnson

I) McDonalds merges with Nike

J) Merk merges with  Pfizer

L) United Technologies merges with Verizon

M) JPMorgan Chase merges with The Travelers Companies

N) IBM with Intel

O) United Health with Wal-Mart

I think Charlie Dow is probably screaming at me right now, but as the Dow Jones will eventually hit 100,000 I hope someone will be able to shorten my New Donald Trump Dow 15 into the Dow 5.

One thing is for sure that is possible that our country could be owning all of our corporations, and yes The United States of America becomes the Dow Jones for all of us. Let’s hope that this will never happen.

Health Care Coverage In This Country Just Suffered A Major Setback.

Never had I been so disappointed in our great United States, as I am after hearing President Trump’s solution to Obamacare. I was very much expecting  a lot more financial help from President Trump, then saying that there will be more tax savings, more emphasis on health care saving accounts, being able to cross state lines to purchase health care policies, and lower drug costs. For many of the tens of millions Americans, this will mean “Quat”. It’s about the United States help paying the huge bill of getting affordable care.

I am glad that the president realize that we need to insure all Americans with pre-existing conditions, but what he failed to see that most of us are barely getting by. You want to spend $Billions on a wall around our borders, and increase our military budget, but it does not matter that we will live in your Great America  that is populated with very sick people. You should of made health care your number one concern.

Maybe I was expecting so much from you. I am sure that there will be tens of millions of people who will find that shopping for competitive priced health care will come with a hitch, it will not be as good when they had Obamacare. Why didn’t you want to impose higher taxes across the board so we can help subsidized your now placed health care plan? How about the government step up to the plate, and help eliminate the over inflation of pricing the hospitals, and insurance companies? Why do do many countries around the world can offer so much affordable health care?  Can we not learn how they can do it?

So I will just have to buy more lotto tickets so I can afford health insurance for my wife incidentally, was  stricken with polio, and is just two and a half years away to be able to get Medicare. I guess I was expecting too much from you Billionaire Trump.

I will just have to tell my wife tomorrow that her husband who was born with cerebral palsy never made enough money to be able to afford the $15,000.00 a year for both of us health insurance.

Forgive for saying, that my Great United  States tonight has failed me, and you President Trump will never understand.