What Will It Mean If Fourteen Million Americans Will Not Have Health Care?

It has been reported that in 2018, that there could be some fourteen million Americans without heath care, some say it could double. That’s a lot of potential sick people, but there are many republicans and their president should be added to this list. Not only could this lead to a medical epidemic, it could trigger a very serious financial to our medical profession. Fourteen million uninsurable Americans translate into($10,000 per person), into $140 Billions of lost revenue, and other revenue that is associated with this effect to our economy. There are so many people who source of revenue is associated with the medical field, advertising, drug manufacturing, real estate, jobs, medical education, transportation, and the sudden reduction of many medical professions, this will certainly start a ripple effect that will the start of another modern day disaster, financially and medically. Are we ready for another financial and medical melt down?

As I keep repeating in my past blogs, get ready for a major correction President Trump’s stock market, massive foreclosures in both the housing market, and higher unemployment. How is President Trump going to fill all these propose new jobs he hoping for, when the majority of the job seekers are sick, thrown out of their homes, and can’t even afford to send their kids to college.

President Trump should focus more on his Presidency, than worrying a bout sending an American to Mars.  He will look back at the end of his presidency when a million dollars will buy a loaf of bread, and a band aid will cost ten million dollars, and most of all, he will realize that this would of never happened if he didn’t replace Obama Care. He should of listened to his microwave oven in the first place.