Who Has The Guts To Call For Trump’s Impeachment, If We Don’t Get Cheaper Health Care?

I have been reading about the horror stories about the rising costs of  heath care on the rise. In many cases it could represent at 20% of most family’s gross income. But what can our devoted mothers and fathers do, watch their children die? We have a billionaire president who never had the problem of worrying about how to pay his family’s health care premiums. Is the Congress going to donate part of their six figured salary, and help the reported 24 million Americans that could lose their health care coverage? The truth of the matter is that people get sick and eventually do die, but for the majority of us, we want to live long health lives, and this means having the proper medical care.

The general public are sick of hearing that people that are on welfare are ripping of the medical system by getting next to nothing costs, while many have to use their life savings, just to go to doctors, and take their daily usage of medications, and still paying for operations that they had over ten years ago. Nobody is denying the fact that doctors, medications, hospitals are not cheap, but their costs are just out of the norm for the average American. It’s amazing a country like Canada haves socialized medicine, but find Canadian families paying a whopping 40% of their gross income on paying their taxes. It seems that this is certainly a large lump to swallow, but  if every American  Corporation , and businesses were taxed accordingly, I think a financial solution to our now replacement of Obama Care might make sense. A poor family would only need to pay $1000.00 a year, and a billionaire would have to pay $300,000.00 for their family heath care, and no exception for all of our governmental officials, a straight percentage across the board for EVERYONE.

The clock is ticking rapidly for President Trump, would you give him and his fellow Republicans to come up with a bonafide solution on affordable heath care, and even better yet, since the President told us that their is a great health care in the making, and probably will not happen, would this be grounds to start the impeachment procedures? We have to do something, and if we stick together and finally realize that a “Great America” is a healthy America.